CTRMA Kellam Road Phase 1

Improving Travis County Mobility for Current and Future Development

Project Purpose

Travis County desired to improve mobility in the southeast part of the county in order to provide access to future development within the area. This collaborative project between Travis County and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) is located in Travis County and the two-mile Extraterritorial Jurisdiction of the city of Austin. The project included the construction of a new 1.9-mile rural, three-lane arterial corridor between Pearce Lane and State Highway 71. Also included in the project scope are two bridge crossings, three cross culverts, onsite channels and storm sewer, seven biofiltration water quality ponds, and four detention ponds. The two bridge crossings are located within the FEMA regulatory floodplain and the city of Austin models were used as the best available data.

Project Approach

KFA was hired as a sub-consultant to prepare PS&E for the drainage, water quality, and erosion and sedimentation control in accordance with Travis County codes and regulations. KFA was also tasked with conducting a drainage impact study utilizing existing city of Austin hydrologic and hydraulic models. These HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS models, respectively, were modified to assess the impact of the proposed improvements and determine appropriate mitigation.

Project Results

The roadway was opened in 2015 and construction was completed that same year.