We are solving complex problems and utilizing strong in-house capability to provide practical guidance on drainage infrastructure and flood risk.


What We Do

KFA has significant experience across the board in the analysis and design of drainage and water quality projects for both new construction and rehabilitation projects, including urban storm sewer, stream bank stabilization, bridges, culverts, detention facilities, and various water quality BMPs. Our stormwater management experience includes floodplain modeling & mapping, regional detention management plans, and identification of grant funding for stormwater projects. We have conducted drainage master plans for various communities, including the development of maintenance management, capital improvement programs, and the implementation of drainage utility fees. Our forward-thinking approach and utilization of cutting-edge technology help us fully align drainage solutions with our client’s values.


  • Basic and Complex Hydrologic Modeling
  • Steady-State and Unsteady-State Hydraulic Modeling and Design
  • 2-Dimensional Hydraulic Modeling, Design, and Training (Various Platforms)
  • Floodplain Management and Permitting
  • Grant Funding Identification and Assistance
  • Creek and Localized Flood Mitigation Analysis and Design
  • Water Quality Analysis, Design, and Permitting
  • Utilization of GIS Tools for Analysis and Program Management
  • Risk Assessment and Project Prioritization
  • Drainage Master Planning
  • Asset Management



What We Do

Our professionals deliver drainage solutions in support of transportation-related services on an assortment of high-profile projects across the state. Our diverse experience includes greenfield, rural, and urban construction + reconstruction roadway projects in support of schematic, design, and construction phase services. We analyze, design, and prepare drainage construction documents, working closely with clients to provide innovative solutions that align with both the character of the roadway project, but also the surrounding community and environment to enhance public infrastructure. Examples of infrastructure design include parallel roadside channels and storm sewer; cross drainage structure culverts and bridges including channel scour and stability assessment; and water quality + detention facilities. We pride ourselves on our ability to integrate complex drainage design elements with other necessary infrastructure components to achieve constructible and effective solutions.


  • Hydrologic + Hydraulic Modeling and Design
  • Bridge + Culvert Scour and Channel Stability Analysis and Design
  • Drainage Impact Risk Assessment and Mitigation Design
  • Water Quality Analysis, Design, and Permitting
  • Utilization of GIS Tools for Analysis and Design
  • Development of DOT Hydraulic Guidance Manual Sections


How We Deliver

The frequency of severe weather events and ongoing development in Texas can create complex challenges related to stormwater and roadway drainage systems. KFA has a reputation for delivering practical, reliable, cost-effective solutions to those challenges – results that build trust among our clients and for their communities. Working to find every advantage for our partners, we leverage our regional knowledge and extensive experience across related water and transportation disciplines to ensure our solutions achieve sustainable positive outcomes that help create safe spaces.



Clients We've Worked With

We assist Texas communities as they plan for and navigate the challenges of balancing rapid growth with available resources. From rural municipalities to major cities, and State Agencies, our experts are ready to create sustainable infrastructure solutions. Learn more about our experience serving clients like you.

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With 20 years of experience, Shwetha brings exceptional leadership and insight into the needs of our clients. She will leverage her years of service in the public sector and her commitment to team building to further strengthen KFA’s Central Texas Water Practice.

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