Regional + State Entities

We understand how to solve challenges while traversing political jurisdictions.


Our Commitment

From years of continuous involvement, KFA has developed a staff of engineers who are experienced in contributing to the delivery of a variety of public infrastructure projects for Transportation Authorities – everything from State highway design to GEC Management of toll and managed lane facilities. Our established protocols, design and communication skills, and awareness of the issues involved have allowed us to establish a strong reputation in this area.  Our engineers hold a variety of TxDOT precertification necessary for complex design and our experience supporting our clients as “extended staff” in the role of GEC Consultants is well established.

Your Success

Our work with TxDOT and CTRMA are examples of the trust we have been able to build over years of providing a range of consulting services.  In each case, be it design or in a GEC role, our working relationship has expanded as our depth of expertise has increased and we have established ourselves in this sector.  These projects are complex, schedule driven, and require significant coordination with owners, stakeholders, and sub-consultants.  Our ability outright lead, or complement a team, and thereby ensure our client’s success with these project deliveries continues to be an enormous point of pride for our staff.

Some of the transportation authorities we’ve worked with include:
  • Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority
  • Texas Department of Transportation
  • Alamo Regional Mobility Authority



Our Commitment

KFA roots run deep in the world of regional water authority development and support as our staff has several decades of experience in this sector. Besides providing large-scale water and wastewater modeling, analysis, design and construction administration services, KFA engineers understand the complexity of providing services in a regional setting. Developing and following appropriate design criteria, communicating with technical review committees and boards, and working as a part of a larger team and within numerous political jurisdictions in order to accomplish the desired goals are all skill sets we bring to the table.

Your Success

Our principals have provided engineering design services to Texas River Authorities for more than 30 years. Each Authority has utilized our skillsets for projects both large and small in scale. In order to serve their smaller more independent communities, KFA developed innovative wastewater collection systems in established residential and commercial areas. In order to connect communities and benefit from economies of scale, KFA has designed and managed large regional pipeline and treatment plant projects. In each case, our approach to client service and our commitment to customize solutions for each solution has created some of our longest lasting client relationships.

Water authorities we have served include:
  • Alliance Regional Water Authority
  • Brazos River Authority
  • Brushy Creek Regional Utility Authority
  • Lower Colorado River Authority
  • Guadalupe Blanco River Authority
  • Texas Water Development Board
  • San Antonio River Authority


Why Partner with KFA?

We have carefully assembled a team of experts as equally dedicated to listening as they are to developing a creative solution or leading the design team through execution. To that end, our success is based on our client’s success. When you work with us to tackle challenging public infrastructure projects, we strive to create both solutions and relationships you can rely on.

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