Construction Services

KFA can provide full-service construction inspection and support services to our clients.


What We Do

Once a design moves to construction, it takes an experienced team to administer the contract. This is when the “rubber meets the road” and KFA engineers frequently provide this service in order to assist owners through this final part of process.


  • Bid and Award Process Analysis and Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Change request evaluation
  • RFI Response
  • On-site project coordination meetings
  • Schedule and Payment Review



What We Do

Our Senior Inspectors bring decades of experience working on large regional transportation projects observing contractors’ work for compliance with construction plans and technical specifications. KFA also maintains a fleet of field vehicles to support the required services. Our staff has applicable OSHA Safety Training and Work Zone Traffic Control certifications.



How We Deliver

When public agencies need field support, our experienced engineers and inspectors are able to respond with proven techniques to help ensure coordination and compliance. Through this combination of resources and experience, KFA delivers quality construction services that help our clients get to their ribbon cuttings on schedule.



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