Our Approach

Deliver Smart Solutions, Remain Driven By Purpose.

At KFA, we understand the vital role well-designed public infrastructure projects have on growing communities. That’s why we have carefully assembled a team of talented professionals as equally dedicated to listening to our clients’ needs as they are to developing a creative solution or leading the design team through execution. To that end, our success is based on our client’s success.

Through the planning process, KFA helps our clients develop their vision, incorporating community input while considering real-world physical constraints and opportunities for best practices. Through value engineering, KFA approaches each challenge and each design with enthusiasm for finding practical, cost-effective results. As a trusted advisor, we have established ourselves as valuable partners and developed long-lasting client relationships.

Our philosophy is simple — serve our communities with outstanding client service and technical expertise by doing more than just executing the work.


Our goal is to be “More than Smart” by being a contributor beyond the technical skills that clients should expect of an engineering and planning firm. For us, it is about the “and” factor; providing an equal level of excellence in technical performance and the customer/employee experience. It is about never limiting ourselves by our current knowledge in order to continue to grow as professionals and people. When clients work with us to tackle their projects, we strive to create both solutions and relationships they can rely on.


Being Smart Isn't Enough.

Our drive to be more than just smart reflects an understanding of the complex needs and impacts public infrastructure projects have on growing communities and for our clients. As professional consultants, we strive to deliver both personalized solutions and successful results through knowledge, communication, and service.

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