Community Planning

We start every planning project with a thorough understanding of community character and values.


What We Do

KFA provides our clients with a variety of planning services that include land use planning, flood hazard identification and mitigation planning, Geographic Information System (GIS) related services, and code revisions that support smart subdivision and site development planning.


  • Code Revisions
  • Subdivision Ordinance Revisions
  • Site Development Regulations
  • Design and Construction Standards
  • Standard Details
  • Funding and Grant Application Assistance
  • GIS Services



What We Do

Our transportation plans identify the projects and programs communities need to support future travel demand and economic growth while supporting the preservation of community character and natural resources. We analyze the progress communities have made through the implementation of earlier plans, and evaluate current and future needs and what that means to the future development of transportation facilities and services. Our staff is skilled in the preparation of corridor studies, alternative analyses, and long and short-range transportation plans for cities, counties, and state agencies that meet accessibility and mobility standards for users across all modes of transportation.


  • Corridor Planning
  • Long-range Transportation Planning
  • Short-range Transportation Planning
  • Capital Program Development
  • Public Involvement


How We Deliver

We customize projects to fit community needs and values through a collaborative public involvement process that is based on the Systematic Development of Informed Consent. We leverage our technical strengths and communication skills to maintain compliance with regulatory obligations as well as to maintain positive stakeholder relations. Core to our approach is working with communities to understand their objectives, whether related to supporting smart growth and development, reducing risks associated with changing environmental conditions, or providing for future economic opportunity. We then help guide them through developing their goals and objectives and then through the identification, implantation, and assessment of the policies, programs, and projects needed to meet their objectives.



Clients We've Worked With

We assist Texas communities as they plan for and navigate the challenges of balancing rapid growth with available resources. From rural municipalities to major cities, and State Agencies, our experts are ready to create sustainable infrastructure solutions. Learn more about our experience serving clients like you.

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K Friese + Associates Welcomes Shwetha Pandurangi as Central Texas Water Practice Manager

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With 20 years of experience, Shwetha brings exceptional leadership and insight into the needs of our clients. She will leverage her years of service in the public sector and her commitment to team building to further strengthen KFA’s Central Texas Water Practice.

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We have carefully assembled a team of experts as equally dedicated to listening as they are to developing a creative solution or leading the design team through execution. To that end, our success is based on our client’s success. When you work with us to tackle challenging public infrastructure projects, we strive to create both solutions and relationships you can rely on.

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