Hays County RM 150 Character Plan

Guiding the Future of the RM 150 Corridor to Plan for Expected Growth

Project Purpose

The overall purpose of this RM 150 Character Plan is to plan for expected growth in travel demand while preserving the character of the RM 150 Corridor. It is a proactive approach to begin planning now for how to provide safe and efficient travel along RM 150 while preserving its nature and character. We worked within the RM 150 Corridor, from Dripping Springs to Kyle, to identify key features and themes and to determine a variety of projects that could be further analyzed and potentially move to design and construction.

Project Approach

KFA worked with Hays County to direct a multi-firm, multi-disciplinary team assembled to develop a corridor plan and nature and character plan to address the capacity and safety performance of the RM 150 West Corridor from the vicinity of Arroyo Ranch Road to Ranch Road 12 in Dripping Springs. This project was completed in two distinct phases: the Corridor Features and Themes Report, and the Final Report and Master Plan.

PHASE I: Corridor Features + Themes Report
The first phase of work involved working with a Citizens Advisory Panel and community stakeholders to identify transportation issues and community assets within the corridor and to develop high-level segment and intersection concepts that increase safety and efficiency within the corridor while preserving its character.

PHASE II: Final Report + Master Plan
The second phase of work focused on further defining the concepts defined in the first phase of work through the development of preliminary planning alignments and intersection improvements. Throughout Phase II, corridor-wide and context zone-specific guidance was developed to maintain the character of the corridor, which included preserving the area’s rural qualities, minimizing impacts to community resources and character, maintain a rural feel and use curb and gutter sparingly, and following Dark Sky principles when using lighting. Target speeds for each context zone were identified and used to help guide the design of the corridor while preserving flexibility. As part of Phase II, concepts for the RM 150 corridor were developed through an iterative process with Citizens Advisory Panel and the public.

What a pleasure and honor it was for KFA to help develop this master plan that provides need transportation improvements along the RM 150 Corridor while helping to preserve its character.

Joe Cantalupo, AICP, Project Manager

K Friese + Associates (KFA)

Project Results

Several of the projects defined in the RM 150 Character Plan are under development, with KFA supporting the County on projects including the Driftwood Bypass, the RM 150 Alignment, the Darden Hill Road Expansion, and the Dripping Springs Southwest Connection.