City of Buda Transportation Mobility Master Plan

Helping the City of Buda Plan for the Future

Project Purpose

The City of Buda’s motto is “breathe easy here” – but it’s no secret that providing transportation infrastructure to keep up with Buda’s rapid growth and development is anything but easy. KFA was pleased to have the opportunity to help the City develop its Transportation Mobility Master Plan. The purpose of the plan is twofold: to serve as a communication tool with the community and regional stakeholders, and to identify mobility needs, solutions, and priorities.

Project Approach

Led by KFA team members Joe Cantalupo, AICP, Caroline LaFollette, PE, and Hannah Zeeb, EIT, we helped the City build on past planning efforts (such as the 2013 Transportation Master Plan, 2015 Downtown Master Plan, the 2016 Comprehensive Plan, and the 2017 Unified Development Code), technical data, and stakeholder and public input to develop recommendations to improve its transportation network.

Over the past decade, the population of the City of Buda grew by 150%. Furthermore, it is located within Hays County, which experienced the second largest growth rate in the nation at 46.5%. Key priorities we heard throughout the planning process included: providing neighborhood connectivity and Complete Streets elements, protecting the historic small-town charm of the City, and improving east-west mobility and multimodal connections. We assisted with an open house in February 2020, where members of the community showed up at City Hall to review and discuss draft recommendations, or took a survey online to provide feedback. Recommendations include roadway, intersection, sidewalk, and trail improvements, as well as strategies for optimizing existing coordination and planning processes to continue to serve the community by planning effectively for the future.

Project Results

In December 2020, City Council voted to adopt the Transportation Mobility Master Plan by ordinance.

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