Brushy Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility Inspection

Construction Inspections for Facility Expansion

Project Purpose

The Brushy Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility was owned by the Lower Colorado River Authority and operated by the Brazos River Authority. The facility is an activated sludge process plant with treatment units that include bar screens, grit removal, anoxic basins, aeration basins, final clarifiers, belt filter presses, disinfection, aerobic digester, and gravity belt thickeners. This project added an additional treatment train and expanded the plant capacity from 11.8 million gallons per day (MGD) to 21.5 MGD.

Project Approach

K Friese + Associates provided a full-time construction inspector to support BRA during the plant expansion. The inspector was officed out of the construction trailer at the site and worked closely with the design engineer, contractor, and the Brazos River Authority to ensure construction was performed in accordance with the plans and technical specifications. Inspection duties included observing earthwork, piping installation, reinforcement, concrete placement, paving, and sidewalk construction, and coordinating materials testing.

Project Results

KFA provided construction inspection services for the expansion of this wastewater treatment facility to serve communities in Round Rock, Cedar Park, and Austin.