City of Leander Water/Wastewater Masterplan

Production of a Master Plan for Future Development of the Leander Water System

Project Purpose

KFA prepared water and wastewater master plans to guide the future development of Leander’s collection and distribution systems to meet future demands. As the City expands, Leander was concerned with providing water service to areas within their Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction which anticipate rapid growth in the coming years.

Project Approach

KFA met and coordinated with city staff to obtain system and operational information. Using the information and recent population projections, KFA developed system demand scenarios for 20 years into the future, with snapshots every 5 years. A dynamic water model of the system was created and used to analyze existing and future conditions as well as plan future improvements and reconfiguration of the city’s pressure zones to meet minimum pressure criteria. On the wastewater side, spreadsheet models of each of the primary collection mains and lift stations were created and used in planning for future flows. KFA developed a Capital Improvements Program for each system that was designed to ensure they met both state criteria as well as local criteria developed during the study. Detailed cost estimates for the improvements were developed that could easily be included in future impact fee studies.

Project Results

The completed water and wastewater models and master plans are used by the city to guide improvements as the City is built out, and to direct developers to construct infrastructure of the proper capacity to serve future development. Key elements of these master plans are used to help direct the City’s regional infrastructure projects.