Woodcreek City Engineering Services

Providing Engineering Support in the Texas Hill Country

Project Purpose

Incorporated in 1984, the City of Woodcreek is located just north of Wimberley in Hays County. Like the rest of Hays County, Woodcreek is experiencing considerable growth, as evidenced by new single family and multi-family housing within city limits. Our KFA team understands that change and growth of this nature often increases pressure on facilities and services. Drainage issues are more apparent and become more complicated, the street network sees greater use and wears more quickly, and water and wastewater services become more complicated to secure and manage.

Project Approach

In response to this need, the City recently selected KFA to serve as its consulting City Engineer. Led by Project Manager Adrian Frias, PE, CFM, and Deputy Project Manager Lauren Winek-Morin, PE, our initial efforts include a citywide Pavement Condition Index (PCI) analysis and performing development reviews:

  • Pavement Condition Assessment: KFA is performing a PCI analysis for the 12 miles of roadway in the City of Woodcreek. PCI analysis is based on a visual examination of the surface conditions of streets and quantifies types and severities of pavement distress, such as cracking, rutting, and raveling. The type, frequency, and severity of distress on each roadway segment are combined to produce a PCI score on a scale of 0-100. The PCI score is then used to recommend methods of rehabilitation or reconstruction, as well as the required urgency of each recommendation. Particularly useful for low-speed local streets with low amounts of heavy truck traffic, PCI analysis allows the City to prioritize street repairs based on relative pavement conditions without the expense of detailed instrument based testing.
  • Development Reviews: KFA is providing development reviews of various development applications submitted to the City, such as plats, public improvement plans, commercial development plans, site plans, and concept and master plans. In addition to reviewing the permits from a variety of engineering disciplines (drainage, water/wastewater, roadway, water quality, etc.), we are helping to improve existing review processes and procedures.

Project Results

KFA has completed the visual inventory for the PCI analysis and is in the process of analyzing the data collected to develop the Pavement Condition Assessment report. These findings will help guide improvements to the City roadway system. We are also continuing to perform development reviews to make sure new development meets current codes and regulations. Future efforts will include reviewing the City’s current code of ordinance for alignment with the latest federal/County regulations and engineering best practices. We look forward to our continued partnership with the City of Woodcreek as City Engineer.