City of Castroville General Engineering Services

Servicing a Variety of Municipal Public Works and Land Development Projects for Castroville City

Project Purpose

KFA was selected in 2017 to provide the City of Castroville with general civil engineering consulting services. As the city engineer, KFA is providing a full range of professional services to assist in the successful completion of a variety of municipal public works and land development type projects.

Project Approach

KFA is performing approximately 20 different assignments for the City which include:

  • High-level reviews for site development plans for compliance with City, State, and Federal codes, in addition to conformance with generally accepted engineering practices;
  • Detailed reviews of engineering plans prepared by other engineers for capital improvement projects;
  • Technical review of the City’s 2017 Impact Fee Update;
  • Providing guidance on easement language for new utility easements;
  • Analyzing drainage complaints associated with a recently completed development project;
  • Providing technical support and guidance concerning potential stormwater grant opportunities and supporting the City in discussions with the San Antonio River Authority on floodplain map updates;
  • Working on a study to loop three separate City water systems into a single, cohesive system and developing a Capital Improvement Program for these improvements;
  • Providing guidance on vegetation removal for compliance with a TCEQ Notice of Violation at the WWTP effluent ponds;
  • Providing support and organized subject matter expertise from TxDOT to assist the City with improvements in their chip sealing project; and
  • Drainage analysis for 150-acre watershed contributing to localized flooding in the Athens Street area and development of solutions. KFA is currently scoping additional analysis to design to the City’s available funding. KFA used 2D hydraulic modeling to present the results of the potential improvements

Project Results

Services for the City are ongoing.