Charlotte Gilpin, PE, CFM, to serve on the TWDB Region 8 Lower Brazos Flood Planning Group

Charlotte Gilpin, PE, CFM, to serve on the TWDB Region 8 Lower Brazos Flood Planning Group

AUSTIN (2022) – KFA is proud to announce that Charlotte Gilpin, PE, CFM, has been selected to serve on the Texas Water Development Board’s Region 8 Lower Brazos Flood Planning Group. In this role, she will be able to lend her talents to planning for flood mitigation, floodplain management, and resilience for the region.

In 2019, Senate Bill 8 directed the creation of the first-ever State Flood Plan for Texas, which is due to the Legislature in September 2024. The ultimate goal of the plan is to protect against loss of life and property from flooding. To this end, the Texas Water Development Board has created 15 planning regions across Texas. Each region is responsible for creating a regional flood plan to identify flood risks; establish flood mitigation and floodplain management goals; and recommend evaluations, strategies, and projects to reduce flood risks. These regional plans will then form the basis of the State Flood Plan.

“As a stormwater engineer with a passion for policy and process improvements, I’m excited about the establishment of the State Flood Plan Regional Flood Planning Groups and the opportunity to set strategic direction for strong regional flood planning with the Lower Brazos Region 8,” says Charlotte.

Region 8 stretches from Possum Kingdom Lake in North Texas to where the Lower Brazos River enters the Gulf of Mexico near Freeport. The region represents all or part of 43 counties, over 19,000 stream miles, and 30 major lakes and reservoirs. Charlotte looks forward to representing a diverse set of stakeholders across a geographically diverse basin in her new role.

Visit these pages to learn more about the Region 8 Lower Brazos Flood Planning Group:

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