Hays County FM 150 West Corridor Plan

Planning Ahead for Expected Growth

Project Purpose

The overall purpose of this FM 150 corridor study is to plan for expected growth in travel demand while preserving the character of the FM 150 Corridor. It is a proactive approach to begin planning for the future now. This project involved working within a previously defined corridor and with city and county elected officials, community stakeholders, and potentially affected property owners to determine a set of specific alignments that could be further analyzed and potentially move to design and construction.

Project Approach

KFA directed a multi-firm, multi-disciplinary team focused on providing a schematic design as part of a larger environmental and schematic study being undertaken by Hays County for the relocation of an approximately 5-mile portion of Farm to Market (FM) 150 that runs from Arroyo Ranch Road east through the city of Kyle to Interstate Highway 35.

Project Results

The first work product from the FM 150 West Character Plans study was the Corridor Features and Themes Report. Future stages will include delving in deeper to further assess specific corridor needs commensurate with the study context. These efforts will integrate project stakeholders and the community as more refined solutions are developed and prioritized. The refined solutions will integrate the nature and character of corridor physical form into the surrounding landscape. As needs are better defined and prioritized, they will be documented in a master plan that defines the corridor improvement plan over time. This plan will assess environmental considerations, constraints and opportunities associated with potential future projects. In addition, as a future bypass between is explored, the county will consider whether the portion of FM 150 between FM 3237 and FM 1826 should stay in TxDOT control or be delegated to the County for local control and management.