Hays County FM 150 West Corridor Plan

Planning Ahead for Expected Growth

Project Purpose

The overall purpose of this FM 150 corridor study is to plan for expected growth in travel demand while preserving the character of the FM 150 Corridor. It is a proactive approach to begin planning for the future now. This project involved working within a previously defined corridor and with city and county elected officials, community stakeholders, and potentially affected property owners to determine a set of specific alignments that could be further analyzed and potentially move to design and construction.

Project Approach

The Hays County FM 150 West Character Plan is comprised of two separate studies, the Corridor Features and Themes Report and the Final Report and Master Plan. The Corridor Features and Themes Report was completed in 2016 and it was focused on working with a Citizens Advisory Panel and community stakeholders to identify transportation issues and community assets within the corridor, and to develop high level segment and intersection concepts that would increase safety and efficiency within the corridor while preserving its character. KFA worked with the community to learn about an understand community elements that could help define the future location and design of the roadway as opposed to letting the location and design of the roadway define the character of the community. The Final Report and Master Plan was also developed by working with the Citizens Advisory Panel and focused on further defining the concepts defined in the first phase of work through the development of preliminary planning alignments and intersection improvements.

Project Results

Several of the projects defined in the FM 150 West Character Plan are under development, with KFA supporting the County on the development of the FM 150 West Character Plan including the Driftwood Bypass and the Darden Hill Road expansion.